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FA Q's

1. What does Twisted Tiki cost to have at my party?

Twisted Tiki has three menus prices per guest, that range from $18-$25 per guest. Also, our delivery and set-up charge is $450-$950 (depending on bar set-up) to most of Maui. We do have a $1400 minimum charge to bring the swings to your shindig! In addition, we do charge a sales tax of 4.166% as required by the State of Hawaii.

2. What does the price per guest include?

The price per guest includes Twisted Tiki, the amazing bartenders (one per 50 guests), the mixers for your selected Tiki menu, ice, creative garnishes, and plasticware or glassware per your package for four hours. All you need to supply is the liquor!

3. How much liquor should we buy? 

Based on your package selected and your guest count, The Twisted Tiki will send you a checklist for your liquor purchase including quantities and recommended brands.

4. Will you serve custom recipes? Will you serve standard cocktails, wine, and beer?

Yes! Do you have a special cocktail you would love to see served at The Tiki? No problem, send us the recipe and our flair bartenders will work their magic. Yes, we would love to offer a full bar to your guests. We do keep the standard mixers on hand such as sodas and juices, and we are happy to serve your purchased wine and beer. 

5. What if I don't have room for your awesome Twisted Tiki trailer at my party?

Not a problem! We now have a smaller indoor/outdoor version of our twisted tiki bar. It is brought in and assembled on site. It can be used for smaller spaces, or limited access areas!

What if we want to serve the liquor ourselves? Or we have our own liquor license?

No problem! The trailer Twisted Tiki is available for rent for your event for $950, or you can rent our interior bar version for $450. This pricing does include delivery, set-up, decor, recycling & trash removal, and strike.

Mobile Tiki Setup_edited.jpg
Indoor Setup2.jpg

Photo and cinegraph courtesy of Living Moments Media

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